hiram + russ


Hiram + Russ |  May 20, 2017 | Private Residence | Pasadena CA

I loved working in Hiram and Russ’ dreamy backyard. They totally transformed the backyard by covering the pool, draping romantic fabrics, filling it with elegant and colorful table settings, and stringing whimsical lights above the whole space. These grooms wanted live plants that the guests could take home rather than fresh cut flowers. As a bonus, Hiram and Russ were left with a garden to remember their special day. I used succulents, cacti, spearmint, moss, lavender, and other low-key, natural plants to top the tables. Each table was named after a song that meant something special to the couple. I loved collecting mixed vessels made from different materials to offset the miniature tabletop gardens. As a surprise, I included succulent boutonnières! All photos courtesy of Amanda Joy Dopico