Flowers + Tacos

New York has their pizza and hot dog stands. And if you're in San Fran, you have to have a sourdough breadbowl with chowder.

In L.A....we know tacos.  With a plethora of hipster taco spots claiming authenticity, with $3 street tacos (big enough to feed...well no one), its hard to decipher the real from the fake.  

My friends Ana and Rosa introduced me to the best al pastor anyone could ever have about a year ago.  These tacos reside in East L.A at a truck I only tell my friends and family about. They're $1.25. I knew it was the perfect spot to bring my love of street food + blooms.

The creative duo at Play Space Grnd helped with some creative direction, and video! They just sent these videos over to me from the shoot. I LOVE them. You can see the rest of the still images by Amanda Dopico here.