Women Create L.A.- Cha-Rie Tang & Mei-Ling Hubbard

The mother-daughter duo at Pasadena Craftsman Tile stumbled upon their love of ceramics on accident.  Cha-Rie, a former architect, was turned onto tile when a friend discovered a forgotten treasure trove of authentic Ernest Batchelder molds in the backyard of a house he inherited. Cha-Rie has spent the years since asking questions of the masters, and teaching herself the art of ceramics. In recent years, Cha-Rie's daughter, Mei-Ling, has joined her, bringing her own background of art and design to the company.

I had the opportunity to visit their studio situated in Cha-Rie’s stunning craftsman home in Pasadena.  It's here, that the entire process takes place.  First, they’ll get an email or phone call, whether by word of mouth, or Pinterest photo.  Then they’ll get to work, carving, sculpting, and firing their tiles in one of their 3 kilns, Smaug, Falkor + Fafnir (affectionately named after famous dragons).  I couldn’t get over the attention to detail that goes into each square foot.  Mei-Ling says they have been known to start over a few times if things aren’t “just right”. 

Each of Pasadena Craftsman Tile's projects are handmade & bespoke creations,rustic, and imperfectly perfect.  Each customer that calls can expect that they are getting something made specially for them.  They have an array of glaze colors that resemble hues found in nature.  Their tiles mostly have natural motifs of flowers & trees. My favorite tiles were the cherry blossoms being sent off to a lucky recipientfor their fireplace.  Cha-Rie was most excited to show me a tile she had cast from a 450 million year old fossil she acquired a few years back.

Cha-Rie, is also a public artist. Her work can be seen across Pasadena and Los Angeles. Most recently at the Gold line train station in Monrovia. She is also planning a multicultural art project for a local development in the near future.

Check out their awesome handmade, custom tiles….and cutie dog Ophira.