Purple Haze

I absolutely love doing wedding florals, and all things wedding. BUT I also dig getting to let my creative flag fly and collabarating on projects completely non-wedding related.

I drew some inspiration from a past shoot I did with Adriana where I got to make a giant headpiece of florals.

This time, I wanted to take it a step further and make an entire dress.  

I hardly ever use hydrangea, but I had been eyeballing these purple/blue ones for some time.  Coincidentally, our model Tyler Faye's hair matched perfectly.


The foundation of the dress was made from chicken wire.  I used olive and willow eucalyptus for some flowy movement. I had to build most of the dress on Tyler. She was such a trooper.

Like most creative projects, the more creative women you bring on board, the more juice. Everyone brings a piece to the table.  The photographer on this shoot, Adriana Gonzalez, had the idea to include burning a sage bundle to achieve a smokey effect that complimented the earthy vibes of the dress. My sister-in-law, Lidia Galvez, sells the most beautiful healing sage bundles, and gave us one to use.

My friend let us shoot at her industrial-chic house in South Pasadena, California. It made the perfect backdrop for the juxtaposition of florals + gritty we were trying to achieve.

Check out the pics below! More to come.