My Best Friend's Wedding

Stacie and I have been friends for over half my life.  We met at the local movie theater when I was only 13 years old. Because she was a year older than me, I was amazed that she wanted to be my friend.  

I remember the first time she invited me to her house.  We took "MySpace pics" on one of our Nikon Cool Pics cameras. She served us frozen green grapes. Everything she did was so cool.

We've been together ever since.  We spent summers and spring breaks roaming Carpinteria, dreaming of surfer boys. We got our first jobs together.  We had the same 2005 music taste. We shared a dangerous love for tanning beds and bad boys. Our cycle of changing hair color was interchangeable. 

I would take a smelly bus to visit her when she moved up to San Francisco for College. She lived above a Chinese food restaurant. She always had the most interesting people around.  I remember one time a girl did an entire spoken word piece in her living room about cherry chapstick.  Everything she did was so cool.

She let me cry and listen to K-Ci and JoJo when Casey Mulligan broke my heart.  She was there when I picked up the pieces of a broken lifestyle. She is mostly responsible for paving the way on my path to spirituality. 

She spent time abroad. I spent time in Hollywood trying to "find myself".  Stacie was my one tether. We always came back to each other, even when oceans separated us.  She is family.


She stood with me on my wedding day almost one year ago. I watched her get married this past weekend.

As a wedding florist, I see lots of weddings.  Each one is special, moving and perfect.  With most couples, I meet them in the months leading up to their weddings, mostly over email, and phone.  Sometimes, I don't meet them at all, and only converse with the wedding planner beforehand. 

Me driving Stacie to her "first look" with Justin.

Me driving Stacie to her "first look" with Justin.

Watching my oldest friend wed the man of her dreams was all of these things. But it was also extremely personal. I shared a story with this bride. Now my story with her, includes her new husband, Justin. Here's to the next chapter in the Lindsey-and-Stacie story.

Wedding photos courtesy of Amanda Joy Dopico.