Women Create L.A.- Gina Brownstein

When I began my floral journey, one of the first books I picked up was Foraged Flora: A Year of Gathering and Arranging Wild Plants and Flowers by Louesa Roebuck and Sarah Lonsdale. This book stressed that your vessel was just as important as the flowers that go in it--I've learned how true that is recently.

Through a chain of amazing people, I've become friends with talented potter Gina Brownstein. I have been lucky enough to pair her work with my blooms, and it's been such an incredible experience that I now believe every florist should have a potter friend. We kind of go together like Salt-n-Peppa.

She creates pots, bowls, mugs, wall sculptures, etc. Each piece is carefully hand-crafted and made with love.  

Gina invited me to her home studio today, tucked away in the hills of Sunland-Tujunga.  

Something I love about her work is that each piece has its own character. Like myself, she strives to create pieces that are inspired by nature. Her love for water particularly shows itself in her inspired creations.  

Mass production is not where her interests lie. Gina told me, "[She doesn't] want to make your set of cups. [She wants] to make your favorite cup."  Her passion is really fueled by "making objects that elevate everyday life rituals". This makes each piece more special--and it makes what she does vibe so well with the fleeting art of florals. 

For me, I feel the same way when it comes to flowers. I'm not interested in having a store front and cranking out pre-made arrangements like Vons. This works for many florists and satisfies many customers, but my passion lies in creating a one-time, tailored floral experience for each event I'm asked to take part in. 

I'll be adding some more of her work to my inventory soon and can't wait to collaborate with her on upcoming workshops.

Photos courtesy of Gina Brownstein, Allison Stewart and myself.

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