Women Create L.A.- Lidia Galvez

Lidia Galvez prefers her flowers dead.  She dries them out to put in her healing sage bundles. Each flower, herb, oil and crystal that goes into her bundle, has a healing purpose tied to indigenous practices going back for generations.

I’ve visited her home many (she happens to be my sister in law)…but this time I had the opportunity to visit her workspace, and see her process first hand.

While some bundles are sold in local stores, she creates far more custom orders.  Lidia’s process usually starts with a phone call, email, or Instagram message…Her clients will tell her what areas of their life they are looking to heal or expand. She admits that even upon initial interaction with a new client, she starts to get an idea of their “bundle needs”.

From there, she will pray and meditate, asking for guidance on what crystal, flower, or element her client will benefit from most. The answers come clearly to her.  She says, “sometimes a crystal will not sit properly in a bundle, and fly off”.  She takes this as a clear sign that this crystal is not intended for the recipient.  She wraps flowers, herbs crystals, oils into bundles with care and then seals each one with a prayer.  Bundles sold in stores receive the same treatment.

On some occasions, crystal choices are counter intuitive.  For example, when a client is looking to expand their love life, you might think rose quartz is the go-to crystal.  This is not always the case. Sometimes, a different element is needed to help her clients achieve results.

Lidia is also a certified reiki healer, and esthetician.  Her next step is to combine all three practices into one.  Be on the lookout for her upcoming unicorn bundles!

In the past, I have delivered unused flowers to her home to be put in bundles (my favorite are the thistles!). 

The upcoming season has a lot of meaning to her and our family.  She has created Dia De Los Muertos bundles…and of course, I had to make a crown for the occasion!

You can see her Instagram and order a personalized bundle here.

P.S- you might recognize the bundle she made for the Purple Haze shoot.

photos courtesy of myself, Lidia and Adriana Gonzalez.